Click to enlargeSHARKŪ Bestec ATX-1956D ATX-1951D ATX-1956D Replacement Power Supply

      SI-C200 200W Micro Power Supply
Supports AMD and Intel P3/P4 systems
Manual shut-down I/O rocker switch built-in

SHARK TECHNOLOGY PS3 SI-C200 200-Watt Micro ATX power supply combines an efficient cooling architecture with compact mechnical packaging to provide the most reliable power source for your valuable hardware.   

It is designed to be an ideal upgrade and replacement choice for most name brand system's standard power supply.

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  • Bubble sheet protection.
  • White box.
  • New SHARK TECHNOLOGY SI-C200 power supply unit.

Compatibility chart 


Astec SA147-3505 145W (SA1473505)
Astec AA20360 (check power connector layout on back of case first)

Bestec ATS-100 (ats100)
Bestec ATS-150 (ats150)
Bestec ATX-1956D B1 (0950-4106, 200W) - (atx1956d)
Bestec ATX-1956D B2 (0950-4106, 200W) - (atx1956d)
Bestec ATX-1956F (0950-4107, 200W w/PFC) - (atx1956f)

Replacement Power Supply for Compaq; Model(s): 254475-001
Compaq; Model(s): 173609-001 (145W ATX)
Compaq; Model(s): 174871-001
Compaq; Model(s): 332829-001
Compaq; Model(s): 201828-001 (200W ATX)

Delta DPS-110-110MB-1 & Jedi-LC and Yoda DPS-110MB-1 A (110W - Centerd AC Plug)
Delta DPS-145PB-112 (dps145pb)
Delta DPS-160GB B Rev 01 - (Chewbaka Plus DLT160GB1 01,DPS160GB,5184-3961 )
Delta DPS-200PB-74 B(Ridgeview III, 145W - 0950-2700)
Delta DPS-200PB-74 B Rev:02 (150w)
Delta  DPS-200PB-89 D (ATX 145W no 4p)
Delta DPS-200PB-103 E
Delta DPS-200PB-142 Series
DELTA DPS-110-110 MB-1
Delta DPS-145PB-112
Delta DPS-180KB Series
Delta DPS-200PB-112 Series 

Enhance SFX-2015
Enhance SFX-2020

Enlight EN-8156901 (150W with extra 6 pin Enlight case connector)
Enlight ATS150 (150W with extra 6 pin Enlight case connector)
Micro ATX-180BKV
Micro ATX-182HP
Micro ATX-V182HP

Hewlett Packard HP Spare PNs:
HP 0950-2700 (145W)
HP 0950-2800
HP 0950-3426
HP 0950-3623 (160WP3)
HP 0950-3751 (185W Chewbaka Plus)
HP 5183-6914 Power Supply
HP 5184-3961 (185W Chewbaka Plus
HP 0950-4270 (150WPS3)
HP 0950-4106 (200W - BST ATX-1956D B1/B2)
HP 0950-4107 (200W w/PFC)
HP 0950-3253 (145W Astec SA147-3505)
HP 0950-3623 (160WP3)
HP 0950-3426 (Check your case for AC plug alignment)
HP 5184-3961 (185W Chewbaka Plus)
HP 0950-3751 (185W Chewbaka Plus)
*Replacement Power Supply for HP; Model(s):
 0950-3949 / 5187-1098 / 332863-001

HIPRO HP-A2027F3 (hpa2027f3)
HIPRO HP-A2007A3 Rev 02
Hipro FO-A1463-X5

LITEON PS-6161-2 (160W PS3 no SW)
LITEON PS-6161-2H (160W PS3 no SW)
LITEON PS-6161-2H1 (188W PS3 no SW)
LITEON PS-5101-2 (90W ATX w/Side Fan)
LITEON PS-5101-2B (90W ATX w/Side Fan)
LITEON PS-5151-2 (145W NLX)
LITEON PS-5151-2H3
LITEON PS-5151-6 (145W ATX w/Side Fan)
LITEON PS-6151-6 (145W ATX)
LITEON PS-6151-6C2 (ATX 145W 173609-001) 
LITEON PS-6251-01

Power Man / In Win IPS-1806CV-60 (180W)
Power Man / In Win LPS-1806DV-20 (180W)
Power Man / In Win IW-P180B2-0 (180W)
PCChips PC100 PS150a
PCWave PC100 PS150
Solleron M-200-A
Solleron M-200-B
Toshiba Spare Part Number: F000033760

Yokogawa PS036B-0101

PC Systems:

Hewlett-Packard(HP) System:
  Pavilion 4402 /4402H /4403 /4404 /4404H /4405 /4407 /4407H /4409 /4409H /4410 /4410H /4411 /4411H /4413 /4413H /4415 /4416 /4420 /  4416H /4422 /4422H /4430 /4433 /4433 /4435 /4440 /4443 /4445 /4450 /4453 /4456 /4458 /4460 /4463/ 4473 /4483 /4509 /4510 /4512 /4515 /4530 /4533 /4535 /4536 /4550Z /4553Z /4563Z /304w /510d /510k4/  510t /512n /544n/  701 /703c /710 /713c /716n /750 /750N /751N /724c /725n /733n /734n /735n /742c /743c /743g /744v /746c /750 /751 /751n /752c /752n /752w /753c /753n /754n /754v /755v /760 /761 /761c/ 763c /763n /764c /764n /764x /780n/ 6508 /6511 /6615 /6532 /6553 /6563Z /6573Z /6623 /6633C /6640C /6643 /6646C/ 6648C /6653C /6657 /68XX /6913 /7842 /7851 /7852 /7857 /7859 /7861 /7862 /7864 /7875 /78XX Shell / 7900 CTO /7905 /7920 /7931 /7932 /7939 /7940 /7941 /7947 /7953 /7957 /8656c /8770c /XT860 /XT865 /XT878 /XT936 / 9800 CTO /XE730 /XE743 /XE839 / 793c / 794c / 794n / 7965 / 7975/ 8533Z / 854

Media Center m470n, m480n, m490n, m495c

Compaq Computer System:
Presario 6288AP /6300US /6301RSH /6310US /6320US /6324SE /6325CL /6326SE /6330US /6331RSH /6333OM /6350US / 6351RSH /6370US /6400NX /6401RSH /6404US /6410NX /6412US /6415CL /6420NX /6421US /6422SE /6430NX / 6433US /6435CL /6450NX /6454NX /6470NX /6473SA /6475CL /6485CL /P8654A /P8654Q /P8654B /P8654C / P8654D /P8654P /P8655G /P8655H /P8654E /P8654F /P8654G /P8654H

Note: If your system's model number isn't listed here but the model number of the power supply that is currently installed in your system is on the list above, you can use this Shark SI-C200.

Product Specifications

    115V/230V - 60/50Hz

  • Low Noise Operating Fan -- 36dB (Max) under ambient noise of 32db and test distance of 1 meter.
  • 110V AC or 220V AC switchable input
  • Rocker switch for manual shut-down
  • Dimensions: 3 3/8" (height) x 5 7/8" (width)  x  4 5/32 (depth)"
  • Complete 5*Startm system protection:
    • Over Voltage Protection
    • Under Voltage Protection
    • Over Current Protection
    • Short Circuit Protection
    • Over Power Protection


1 x 20pin Main Power Connector

1 x 12V (P4) Power Connector

3 x Peripheral Power Connector

x Floppy Drive Power Connector




0 to 50

Relative Humidity

10 to 90%,non-condensing

 Shipping and  Storage


-20 to 70

Relative Humidity

5 to 95%,non-condensing



10,000FT max


50,000FT max


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